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Sakthi Auto Component Limited


Sakthi Auto Component Limited is dedicated to consistently delivering products that fulfill the requirements of our interested parties, adhere to applicable statutory and regulatory standards, and aim to enhance the satisfaction of our interested parties.

We shall accomplish this by :

  • Establishing and maintaining the Quality Management System that aligns with both national and international customer-specific requirements.
  • Identifying and addressing the needs and expectations of our interested parties.
  • Continually improving our Quality Management System.
  • Upgrading technology and developing our human resources.
  • Ensuring a clean and safe working environment across the organization.


Sakthi Auto Component Limited is dedicated to the ongoing improvement of its Environmental, Occupational Health, and Safety Management System to enhance the organization's environmental and safety performance, ultimately benefiting the well-being of its employees and the environment.

Our progress in enhancing the Environmental and Safety performance will be achieved through:

  • Environmental Protection: Implementing measures to control pollution to desired levels, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and fulfilling other specific commitments relevant to the organization's context, including the sustainable use of resources such as land and biodiversity.
  • Compliance with Regulations: Meeting all applicable environmental, occupational health, and safety compliance requirements, including those related to ambient air quality and noise levels, as well as other legal obligations.
  • Hazard Elimination and Waste Minimization: Striving to eliminate hazards, minimize waste generation, reduce water consumption, and conserve energy through innovative practices like reuse, recycle, and recovery to meet energy efficiency requirements.
  • Occupational Risk Reduction: Ensuring strict compliance with safe management practices for chemicals and hazardous substances to reduce occupational risks.
  • Prevention of Incidents: Preventing near misses, injuries, incidents, and ill health by providing personal protective equipment, education, and training, and adhering to safe operating practices to enhance the incident and accident management process.
  • Decarbonization Initiatives: Pursuing science-based initiatives for decarbonization, deforestation for nature-based sequestration, increasing the use of green-clean energy, and exploring other natural climate solutions as voluntary measures toward achieving zero emissions.
  • Employee and Stakeholder Engagement: Consulting and encouraging the participation of employees (including workers) and other interested parties in maintaining emergency preparedness, fire protection, engineering controls, workplace ergonomics, and equipment safety.
  • Awareness and Collaboration: Collaborating with stakeholders to raise awareness among employees, contractors, visitors, and suppliers about the importance of environmental responsibility.

Through these efforts, Sakthi Auto Component Limited aims to foster a sustainable and safe working environment that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our employees, the community, and regulatory bodies.

M. Manickam


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